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The Three Little Kids story

Three Little kids is a Wellington based business owned and run by me - Rochelle Lambert. 

It all started as a hobby making bibs for my oldest son not long after he was born.  I had so many requests from friends to make bibs for their babies too, that it became more of a hobby-job.  I had to press pause on my crafty ambitions when my next two sons were born (yes, twins!)  but by the time they were a year old, I was back at the sewing machine but this time my sewing repertoire had expanded to both boys and girls clothing, and the Three Little Kids the label was born.

I have been selling my Three Little Kids range of clothing and accessories at markets and online since 2014.  These days, now that my three (not so little) boys are at school, I have gone back to a regular day job.  But I just can’t step away from what I truly love doing.  So I spend my winter evenings sewing, building up my inventory, then sell at my favourite local markets in the summer.  And of course you can access my range here online any time of the year!

All the products I sell are hand made by me to a professional standard.  All my cotton fabrics are pre-washed and pre-shrunk before I transform them into beautiful garments.

I believe in producing high-quality clothes that can be handed down through family and friends - they are made to last. 

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